Coastal Flooding and Climate Change

Climate Change is predicted to have many impacts on Ireland in the coming decades. More severe coastal flooding is one of these, according to new research published by Gamma Location Intelligence. Sea Level rise coupled with more frequent and extreme storm events will see as many as 70,000 Irish addresses exposed to damage from coastal flooding. The estimated insurance exposure is over €2 billion. Certain counties, such as Louth and Clare have over 10% of their addresses at risk, while in Dublin over 23,000 addresses are in the risk zone.

According to Barry O’Dwyer, the lead research scientist at MaREI in UCC, “This work builds on existing information and data for Ireland to provide a national scale estimate of the economic costs associated with projected changes in sea level and in the frequency and intensity of coastal storms. It highlights Ireland’s vulnerability to climate change and further illustrates the pressing need to take a strategic approach to development planning in our coastal areas which will be at increasing risk as the century unfolds”.

The research has gained a lot of exposure across Irish media, from radio to newsprint. To find out more you can access the white paper here.

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About Gamma

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